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Cohen M*,#, Giladi A*, Raposo C*, Zada M, Li B, Ruckh J, Deczkowska A, Mohar B, Shechter R, Lichtenstein RG, Amit I, Schwartz M# (2021). # Corresponding authors

Meningeal lymphoid structures are activated under acute and chronic spinal cord pathologies.

Life Science Alliance. Pubmed


Giladi A*, Cohen M*, Medaglia C, Baran Y, Li B, Zada M, Bost P, Blecher-Gonen R, Salame T.M, Mayer J.U, David E, Ronchese F, Tanay A, and Amit I (2020).

Dissecting cellular crosstalk by sequencing physically interacting cells.

Nature Biotechnology. Pubmed

See also Research Highlight on the manuscript, Nature Review Genetics, “Transcriptional profiling of physically interacting cells”.


Katzenelenbogen Y*, Sheban F*, Yalin A*, Yofe I, Svetlichny D, Adhemar D Jaitin, Bornstein C, Moshe A, Keren-Shaul H, Cohen M, Wang S.Y, Li B, David E, Salame T.M, Weiner A, Amit I (2020).

Coupled scRNA-Seq and Intracellular Protein Activity Reveal an Immunosuppressive Role of TREM2 in Cancer.

Cell. Pubmed

Bost P*, Giladi A*, Liu Y, Bendjelal Y, Xu G, David E, Blecher-Gonen R, Cohen M, Medaglia C, Li H, Deczkowska A, Zhang S, Schwikowski B, Zhang Z, Amit I (2020). 

Host-viral infection maps reveal signatures of severe COVID-19 patients.



Cohen M*, GiladiA*, Gorki A.D*, Gelbard-Solodkin D, Zada M, Hladik A, Miklosi A, Salame T.M, Bahar Halpern K, David E, Itzkovitz S, Harkany T, Knapp S, Amit I (2018).

Lung single cell signaling interaction map reveals basophil role in macrophage imprinting.

Cell. Pubmed

See also Preview on the manuscript, Cell, “Tissue Unit-ed: Lung cells team up to derive alveolar macrophage development”.

Yael Steuemran*, Merav Cohen*, Naama Peshes-Yaloz, Liran Valadarsky, Ofir Cohn, Eyal David, Amit Frishberg, Eran Bacharach, Ido Amit and Irit Gat-Viks (2018).

Dissection of influenza infection in vivo by single-cell RNA-sequencing.

Cell Systems. Pubmed


Cohen M*, Ben-Yehuda H*, Gordon S, Schwartz M (2016)

Up-regulation of CD200L by Blood-Brain Barrier endothelial cells controls myeloid cell phenotype.

Journal of Neuroscience. Pubmed

Matcovitch-Natan O, Winter DR, Giladi A, Vargas Aguilar S, Spinrad A, Sarrazin S, Ben-Yehuda H, David E, Zelada González F, Perrin P, Keren-Shaul H, Gury M, Lara-Astaiso D, Thaiss CA, Cohen M, Bahar Halpern K, Baruch K, Deczkowska A, Lorenzo-Vivas E, Itzkovitz S, Elinav E, Sieweke MH, Schwartz M, Amit I (2016).

Microglia development follows a stepwise program to regulate brain homeostasis.

Science. Pubmed


Cohen M*, Matcovitch O*, David E, Barnett-Itzhaki Z, Keren-Shaul H, Blecher-Gonen R, Jaitin DA, Sica A, Amit I, Schwartz M (2014).

Chronic exposure to TGFβ1 regulates myeloid cell inflammatory response in an IRF7-dependent manner.

EMBO Journal. Pubmed

See also highlight ‘In This Issue’, The EMBO Journal, “Burning down the house: IRF7 makes the difference for microglia”.

Raposo C, Graubardt N, Cohen M, Eitan C, London A, Berkutzki T, Schwartz M (2014).

CNS repair requires both effector and regulatory T cells with distinct temporal and spatial profiles.

Journal of Neuroscience. Pubmed



Hayoun D, Kapp T, Edri-Brami M, Ventura T, Cohen M, Avidan A, Lichtenstein RG (2012).

HSP60 is transported through the secretory pathway of 3-MCA-induced fibrosarcoma tumour cells and undergoes N-glycosylation.

The FEBS Journal. Pubmed


Cohen M*, Elkabets M*, Perlmutter M, Voronov E, Porgador A, Apte R.N, and Lichtenstein R.G (2010).

Sialylation of 3-Methylcholanthrene induced fibrosarcoma determines antitumor immune responses during immunoediting.

Journal of Immunology. Pubmed

Highlighted in the top 2% A published articles in biology and medicine by Howard Young, a Member of the Faculty of 1000 (F1000).

See also highlight ‘In This Issue’, The Journal of Immunology, “An unpalatable coating for NK cells”.