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We're Recruiting

It’s all about the interactions! Our lab focuses on exploring cellular communication between immune cells and tissue resident cells, by using state-of the art single-cell RNA sequencing technologies. We are eager to reveal the consequences of immune-controlled cellular interactions on tissue physiological development and tissue–specific pathologies, specifically cancer. We combine experimental mouse models, advanced genomic technologies and computational analysis, together with study of clinical samples, in order to expand our understanding on developmental pathologies and mechanisms of cancer induction, progression, immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment and metastatic sites.  

We're recruiting!

We are looking for highly curious and motivated students, postdocs and staff with diverse scientific backgrounds, and with interest in the fields of developmental Immunology, cancer Immunology, genomics, cell biology, molecular biology, computational biology, and medicine!
Positions are available for postdoctoral fellows, PhD, MD, MD/PhD and MSc students.

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